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This is the main section of the Journal. Articles published under this entry refer to a main topic which serves as the guiding theme of the present issue. This section receives academic works, internal and external to the institution. The articles must be original; unpublished and shouldn’t be simultaneously postulated for publishing in other journals or editorial bodies.

Open Call

This section presents articles which show research results concerning a specific topic in a clear, concise, coherent and trustworthy way. It ought to be clear that it represents a personal contribution and that it is not a recollection of other authors’ ideas.

States of the art

Esta sección recopila un análisis de tipo documental sobre un tema en específico dentro de las áreas de la Ciencia Política y las Relaciones Internacionales. Los artículos presentados en esta sección deben hacer una recopilación de fuentes importantes, ideas, conceptos, opiniones que luego el lector pueda refutar o complementar.

Theoretical Review

The Journal occasionally receives short articles focused on theoretical reviews of ideas previously published by this journal. This section publishes the views of both authors and readers who wish to contribute to the theoretical development of the ideas proposed in the Journal.

Peer reviewing process

All the articles are revised by the Editorial Council, which verifies the rigorous accomplishment of the criteria requested in the following instructions.  The author / authors will be informed in case they fail to fulfill these requirements.

After the first revision, the documents are sent to the arbitration of academic peers, outside of the editorial entity, who asset its scientific and academic quality. The author’s identity is never revealed to the evaluators, neither the other way around. Once the academic peer’s evaluation is received, a decision is made. This could be: the acceptance conditioned to certain adjustments, the unconditional acceptance or rejection.

The Journal will take a maximum of three months to notify the decision the author. Once the articles are accepted and the adjustments and precisions are completed, they go through an amendment process which respects each author’s particular style.

After the evaluation is completed, the Council will communicate the author the situation of the article. An article can be qualified as:

  • Published without modifications or with minor modifications.
  • A solid candidate for publication if the manuscript is revised.
  • Publishable only with deep content reviews
  • Not publishable even if considerable reviews are carried out.

Frequency of publication

Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales: Revista de Investigación is published annually.

Open Access policy

The Journal provides free, immediate and gratuitous access to its digital content, as we believe that by making research free for public access, we are promoting the exchange of global knowledge. Notwithstanding, everyone who wishes a hardcopy of the Journal will have to pay for it.

Exchange and subscriptions

The School of Law and Social Sciences of the Universidad de Las Américas invites all  national and foreign institutions to a constant exchange of its periodic publications. Information requirements and exchange requests for this Journal can be addressed directly to:  revistapolitica@udla.edu.ec

Disclaimer of liability

The articles and the ideas these defend and develop do not represent the views or opinions of the editorial line of the Journal or of Universidad de Las Américas.