Welcome to International Programs

The International Programs area is in charge of coordinating and executing the strategies related to UDLA’s internationalization, primarily in the areas of cooperation, international mobility, virtual programs, scholarship promotion, and language learning. We are part of the External Relations Department.


International Program’s mission is to promote an international and intercultural focus within the university community and enhance the academic and cultural environment at UDLA by streamlining the exchange of people and ideas.

Additionally, we promote the concept of global opportunities, create, and manage international programs, and help prepare students and professors so they can carry out international activities in order to shape global citizens.


  • Critical thinking with a global vision.
  • The education and perspectives obtainable through an international experience.
  • A positive learning environment.
  • Intercultural communication.
  • Diversity and respect for other people and cultures.


To be the link which opens up UDLA to the world and brings the world back into to our campus. We would like to be the facilitators, so UDLA community has a broader world-vision, a deeper understanding of other cultures, and a willingness to accept different perspectives. All this as a result of the educational experiences offered by our University through the International Programs area.


Our Team

María Isabel Salvador

Director of External Relations

Wioleta Stocka

Head of International Programs

Alexander Díaz

International Mobility Coordinator

Victoria Corral

Internationalization Analyst

Juan Sebastián Yépez

Asistente de Programas Internacionales