Institutional Values


UDLA Spanish School promotes, directs, and provides Spanish language teaching programs, and offers quality linguistic services for the local and international community. We attach great importance to personalized and interactive preparation for individuals, to function effectively in the proper use of the Spanish language in the globalized world.


Leadership in Spanish language teaching programs and provide linguistic services through collaborative work, innovation, and permanent updating. To be a recognized center in the educational and cultural field of the country for its contribution to the development of society.

General objectives:

  • To teach the correct use of the Spanish language.
  • To link the language teaching to the Ecuadorian and Andean culture, using the multiple resources that the country and the city have in order to develop activities such as cultural visits, discussions, conferences, and trips from the different regions of Ecuador.
  • To promote the DELE and SIELE exams and prepare the candidates to take them.
  • To administer the DELE, SIELE and CCSE exams.
  • To update teaching methods and teacher training.
  • To participate in programs for the Spanish language diffusion, in collaboration with other Spanish and Latin American organizations and with entities from the host countries.

Specific objetives:

  • To offer our students an education focused to their needs, an explicit teaching in their objectives, and a teaching that attends more efficiently to the different factors involved in the learning process.
  • To establish the theoretical and practical foundations in the process of teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language in a Spanish-speaking context, which implies a total linguistic immersion of the student.
  • Provide a general framework that can be adapted to the school and students’ necessities.

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