Erasmus + Scholarships for professors and students

Erasmus+ is a program from the European Union that supports the education and training of students and professors in Europe. The budget allocated for this economic benefit provides the opportunity to study, train, and acquire experience abroad.

Erasmus+ is the only program that attempts to drive labor and personal development perspectives. Additionally, it provides learning and teaching so that people develop abilities necessary for the labor market as well as for society currently and in the future.

The Universidad de Las Américas, through its active agreements with various European educational institutions, currently has access to this benefit offered by Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom.

UDLA Internationalization support

The Internationalization Support Program is part of the fund management process for students and professors who participate in international programs that are organized by the External Relations Department.

Funding for the winning applicant will be granted from the corresponding annual quota of the Internationalization Support Program corresponding to the relevant academic program. All the academic programs at UDLA can participate for the spot allocations under the Internationalization Support Program, through the assessment of certain parameters.

The Internationalization Support Program is managed by the External Relations Department, through International Programs, and will be granted to students for short and long-term mobility programs, as well as to professors who participate in international mobility programs.

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