Application requisites

  • Have coursed at least two years of the academic program at the university of origin.
  • GPA of 3.0 or greater at the moment of applying.
  • Official nomination email written on behalf of the university of origin.
  • Complete the application form online before the deadline for each period.
  • Medical insurance emitted at their country of origin.
  • Spanish language proficiency test: DELE or SIELE with a B1 level or above in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)*

*If the students have not taken any of these tests, they can complete the free AVE Global test which is available at the Cervantes Institute website.

Academic calendar and evaluation

UDLA divides its academic calendar in two semesters. The first semester begins late September and finishes mid-February; while the second begins late March and ends mid-July.

Academic Calendar

Each academic semester in UDLA is made up of three progress points. Each progress points evaluates part of the content coursed in the subjects. The evaluation system at UDLA is continuous. As such, the evaluation is done throughout the semester, and the percentage is distributed as follows:

Grade Range and Equivalences

To pass a subject, the student must obtain a grade of 6/10 with the exception of subjects belonging to Curricular Integration which require a grade of 7/10. All evaluations are graded over 10 points and the grade may only have one decimal point.

Note Equivalence
9.0 to 10.0 Excellent
8.0 to 8.9 Very Good
7.0 to 7.9 Good
6.0 to 6.9 Sufficient
1.1 to 5.9 Insufficient
1.0 Absent

Important dates

Process First semester (Sep-Feb) Second Semester (Mar-Jul)
Nominations Until May 31 Until November 30
Applications Until June 15 Until December 15
Admission Results Until June 30 Until January 15
Orientation Sessions One week before the semester starts One week before the semester starts

Course catalogue for international students

Check the catalogue of courses available to international students

Course Catalogue

Review the undergraduate degrees offered at UDLA

Undergraduate degrees
School of Political Sciences and International Relations

  • International Relations
    • RIIZ3553 International Political Problems Seminar I (International Conflict: Why nations go to war)
    • RIIZ4886 International Political Problems Seminar IV (Soft Power and Implementation of Public Diplomacy)

School of Psycology and Education:

  • Clinical Psycology:
    • PSIC3804 Palliative care in Psychology

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • Hospitality Management
    • HOSZ3394 Human Resources
    • HOSZ3152 Marketing and Communication
    • EHTZ3479 Customer Experience Management
  • International Business
    • NEGZ3500 International Relations

Faculty of Communication and Audiovisual Arts

  • Communication
    • CORP3488 Comunication and politics
  • Graphic Design
    • DAGZ2119 Visual Narratives
  • Multimedia and Audiovisual Production
    • PMCZ3333 Actors Directing
    • PMCZ3337 Sound Design
    • PMCZ4340 Character Animation
    • PMCZ4344 Special Effects
    • PMCZ4355 Documentary Production
  • Journalism
    • JORZ3287 Web innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Advertising
    • PUBZ3374 Art Direction

Faculty of Law

  • Law
    • IUSZ2124 Clinic of Alternative Dispute Resolution, without Criminal Procedure

Faculty of Enginnering and Applied Sciences

  • Enviromental Enginnering
    • IGAM2636 Energy Efficiency
  • Agroindustrial Enginnering
    • IAGI2544 Operations Management I
  • Software Enginnering
    • ISWZ3402 Artificial Intelligence II
  • Industrial Enginnering
    • IIDZ4121 Process Simulation
    • IIDZ4135 Supply Chain Managment
  • IT Enginnering
    • ITIZ2101 Networks I
  • Sound and Acustics Enginnering
    • ISA0109 Interactive Sound Systems
    • ISA0110 Sustainability and quality in building

Faculty of Medicine

  • Medicine
    • MEDZ4268 Tropical Medicine
Community outreach programs seek to address needs or problems in society, with the participation of students in activities relevant to their academic program. These programs are done under the guidance of our professors, and they are evaluated to comply with the institutional learning results. To participate in community outreach programs, you must take one of the following subjects:

  • FGHZ0912 Economy, Ethos, and Society
  • FGHZ0912 Science, context, and the Human Being
  • FGH-0932 Citizenship, Culture, and History
  • FGHZ0912 Art, Human Expression, and Community
UDLA English program is designed in accordance with the characteristics of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), with the support of the Cambridge University Press. The English program prepares student to reach a B2 level. A placement exam is required for enrollment in English language courses. If you request to take this language course as a subject, International Programs will coordinate with the Language School to assign a date for you to take the placement test to identify the level that corresponds to you.

To participate in community outreach programs, you must take one of the following subjects:

  • INGZ0001 Basic English I
  • INGZ0002 Basic English II
  • INGZ0111 Intermediate English I
  • INGZ0222 Intermediate English II
  • INGZ0333 Advanced English I
  • INGZ0444 Advanced English II
  • INGZ0555 English for Business
  • EIAZ0056 Academic English for International Affairs

International student guide

Consult the international student guide for information of interest about your incorporation to university life at UDLA and get ready to be part of a multicultural experience in Ecuador.

Consult the guide