Juan Ernesto Guevara Andino

PhD en Biología Integrativa

País: Ecuador

Juan Ernesto Guevara Andino received his bachelor degree from Catholic Univeristy of Ecuador in 2006 and his PhD degree in Integrative Biology from the University of California Berkeley. Juan is broadly interested in investigating the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms underlying the patterns of phylogenetic beta diversity and community assembly of Amazon forests and insular systems. His current research is primarily focused on the analysis of the role of current and historical climate, geology and soils as predictors of both taxonomic and phylogenetic beta diversity of Amazon tree communities. In the short term he is planning to extend his research to island systems, he is hdeveloping a research program to understand the role of environmental filters and dispersal as potential drivers of in situ speciation and community assembly patterns of the Galapagos archipelago flora. Juan has a strong background in ecology, evolution, specifically in community phylogenetics, biogeography, functional ecology and bioinformatics. In addition he has more than 20 years of working experiencing in projects that involve research about the ecological and evolutionary processes underlying Amazon tree diversity. Juan also has described several new species of Amazon trees.


Áreas de investigación

Community assembly of Amazon forests, Biogeography of Amazon and Andes, Floristic inventories, Speciation mechanisms, Taxonomy and Systematics

Proyectos de Investigación

  • Investigating the phylogenetic structure and community assembly of Galapagos islands plant communities: conservation of the endemic flora in the light of climatic change.
  • New species in the hyper diverse genus Inga
  •  Plant-herbivores beta diversity interactions along an altitudinal and latitudinal gradient in Amazon and Andes
  • Integrating functional, taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity to define conservation priority areas in hyper-diverse Amazon forests
  • Systematics and taxonomy of the genus Sloanea in Ecuador using genomics and metabolomics
  •  Chemical diversity of Amazonian tree communities
  •  Plant-herbivores beta diversity interactions along perturbation gradients in a hotspot of endemism»

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