SI2 Lab

Sistemas Inteligentes e Interactivos

Machine Learning / Computational Modelling / Gesture Recognition / Affective Computing / Usability / Adaptive Web / Telemedicine and Tele-rehabilitation / Adaptive E-learning / Serious Games / Prediction of Environmental Conditions

The SI2 Lab is specialized in the development of models based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the implementation of Interactive Applications. These two axes are particularly relevant in the context of the current scientific researches in Computer Sciences and Experimental Psychology. Our research in AI focuses on the state of the art in terms of machine learning algorithms, such as Neural Networks, Support Vector Machine and Deep Learning, which give the best results in Data Mining.

Líneas de Investigación

Modelling and prediction of complex phenomena (human being performance and environmental situations).
Creating autonomous or semi-autonomous systems that interact intelligently with users.
Developing interactive platforms for applications in several areas, with a special focus in health and education.

Alianzas Estratégicas

-Rasa Zalakeviciute, PhD. (Universidad de Las Américas) – Senior Researcher in Environmental Science
-Danilo Esparza, PhD. (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador) – Senior Researcher in Physiotherapy
-Sandra Sánchez-Gordon, PhD. (Escuela Politécnica Nacional) – Senior Researcher in Computer Science
Janio Jadán, PhD. (Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica) – Senior Researcher in Computer Science
Isabel Nunes, PhD. (Universidade Nova de Lisboa / Portugal) – Senior Researcher in Ergonomics
Gilbert Pradel, PhD. (INSERM U1129, Hôpital R. Poincaré / France) – Senior Researcher in Electronics
Jean Vanderdonckt, PhD. (Université Catholique de Louvain / Belgium) – Senior Researcher in Computer Science
David Dominguez, PhD. (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / Spain) – Senior Researcher in Computer Science
Ángel Sánchez Calle, PhD. (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos / Spain) – Senior Researcher in Computer Science
Sergio Luján, PhD. (Universidad de Alicante / Spain) – Senior Researcher in Computer Science

Enlaces de Interés


Mario Salvador González Rodríguez

Phd. en Ingeniería Informática y Comunicación


Nelly Patricia Acosta Vargas

PhD. en Informática


William Eduardo Villegas Chiliquinga

PhD en Informática


Sylvia Mercedes Novillo Villegas

PhD Ciencias Económicas y Sociales


Luis Santiago Criollo Caizaguano

PhD en Informática

Email: PhD en Informática