Novel approaches in Biomedical Research 2015: Immunology

Advances in biomedical research, and particularly in the field of immunology, have permitted a better understanding of a wide range of common diseases such as cancer and infections. Such advances allow not only an accurate understanding of how these illnesses progress, but also provide the keys to developing innovative treatments. The Centre for Translational Research at the UDLA has organized this conference in order to explore such advances directly with worldwide experts, who bring the main results of their current research and “state of art” knowledge in immunology.

Professional: 100 USD
Professional UDLA: 80 USD
Students: 50 USD
Student UDLA: 20 USD

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Sponsors: This congress has been organized thanks to the funding provided by VLIR-UOS through our colleges in the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology (CMIM), Vrije Universiteit Brussels and also by CEDIA, ILSI, NETLAB and UDLA.